"From the moment we wake up, whether we do martial arts, walk, jog, run, swim, bike ride or just getting ourselves to work, our bodies are always in movement.

This movement and the speed at which we move is all a form of Kinetic Energy. It's just a matter of what level you want to take your Kinetic Energy to, by applying consistent exercise and good nutrition.

Any type of movement requires fuel in the form of energy. The better the fuel, the higher the energy, the greater the movement"

Master Robert Ardito

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KINETIC Nutrition is based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We develop wholesome 'super foods' formulated to provide and nourish our bodies with essential nutrients - amino acids in the form of protein, carbohydrates, minerals & vitamins & phyto-nutrients. In combination, these nutrients assist and maintain a healthy and energized feeling throughout the day.

KINETIC Nutrition products are all natural, with no artificial ingredients: colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Our priority is to source high quality certified organic ingredients and all of the products in the range are manufactured in a certified organic facility.


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